No challenge is too difficult for Frico's radiant heaters

Radiant heaters are often seen both indoors and outdoors, but there are some areas of use that might not immediately spring to mind.

Radiant heaters are an unbeatable heating solution. Just like the sun, they rapidly heat people and objects directly, not the surrounding air.

Draught protection increases utilisation of the floor area

Radiant heaters are most commonly installed on ceilings, leaving the walls and floors free, which allows the opportunity for flexible utilisation of the premises. In order to improve the use of floor area next to large windows, one should counteract the cold draught which occurs near glass surfaces. Radiant heaters provide effective and economical protection against cold draughts by heating the window surface. The colder the window surface, the more radiant heat will be produced which will "automatically" distribute the heat to where it is most required. Frico's Thermoplus has been developed purposefully for cold draught protection and can be discretely installed in the corner of a ceiling, as seen in the example showing Berta's café in Oslo.

Supporter comfort for both indoors and outdoors

People love attending football matches and sporting events, but unfortunately it is often associated with being really cold. Stands and bleachers are usually cold but with radiant heaters installed, become pleasant for the seated spectators. These products can be installed at height without sacrificing on comfort. This applies to all sports arenas, both indoors and outdoors.

Take the heat with you.

Sometimes you require temporary heating in a place where you usually do not have heating. For example, at a customer event, on the patio or when working on a car. Frico offers a practical solution with their radiant heater range which are portable and can be taken with you wherever heating is required, e.g. ELIR with stand and Infratower. Infrapalm is a heavier product which provides heat in several directions and is better suited for long-term use, e.g. large outdoor areas lacking walls and ceilings for mounting.

Animal sheds

Stora Lunds Lantbruk AB outside Götene breeds Free Range chickens. Frico's radiant heater, Aquaztrip, was the product of choice in keeping the chickens warm. During the initial stages of life, chickens require a lot of heat, resulting in Frico's Aquaztrip radiant heaters being installed in the shed. The radiant heaters are suspended from the ceiling at  very low level allowing the small chicks to huddle together beneath and warm up. There are also other examples of animal sheds where radiant heaters are installed on the ceiling providing heat to:- e.g. horses and pigs.

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