At Frico, we are proud to be able to offer energyefficient products for a better indoor climate. We are happy to share our knowledge and valuble experience within heating and energy efficiency.

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Protect your plants from the cold

Now is the time to start thinking about protecting your plants from freezing temperatures. If you have a greenhouse or garage with a frost guard, you can safely overwinter sensitive plants and extend the growing season.

Infrared Patio Heaters

Carbon or Halogen – Which Infrared Patio Heater Is Best?

Spring is on the way and now, towards the end of winter, the urge to sit outside is starting to grow. Frico has a wide range of infrared patio heaters that give comfortable heat even on chilly evenings. What are the differences between the variants?

Fan Convector PF Smart

Make Your Electric Heating System More Efficient

Lower your energy consumption without large investment costs with Frico's fan convector PF Smart. We have carried out tests in a real environment, where PF Smart was compared to a conventional radiator. The result showed that the Frico fan convector heated the room to the desired temperature 30-40% faster.

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Fan Heaters

Fan Heaters Now a Weapon in the War on Bed Bugs

As we have travelled more, bed bugs have found their way back into our houses and apartments. Alongside pesticides, high temperatures generated by fan heaters have become an efficient and humane method of eradicating the bugs.

Infrared Patio Heaters

Prolong the Summer for the Price of a Popsicle

Even though electricity prices have experienced an increase in recent years, the cost to run infrared patio heaters remains relatively affordable. In the example below you can see how much it costs to run two patio heaters for 2 hours.

Guide - Air Curtains

What Is an Air Curtain?

The invisible door that separates climate zones and saves energy

Mountain ranges tend to obstruct rain clouds, resulting in one side of the mountain being cold and damp, and the other side being hot and dry. Like mountains, air curtains also separate different climate zones. The air stream creates an invisible door that prevents the air from different areas to blend, an energy efficient solution regardless of whether you want to maintain a heated or cooled indoor climate.

Fan Heater Tiger

Frico Tiger - Still Going Strong

One of the products most strongly associated with the Frico brand across many countries is the fan heater Tiger. We have tried to replace the Tiger with something new many times in the past. The reality, however, is that neither we nor any of our competitors have been able to develop a better product at a more competitive price. Nothing stands up against a Tiger.

Fan Convectors

Electric Radiator, Oil Filled Radiator or Fan Convector?

Electrical radiators are commonly used to heat homes: they are practical, efficient and easy to regulate. Some of the most common alternatives used today are electric radiators, oil filled radiators and fan convectors - either as a primary heat source or in combination with a wood-burning stove or air source heat pump. But which alternative should you choose and what differentiates them?

Air Curtains

Energy Efficient Supermarkets in Thailand

A large retail chain, with more than 2000 stores in Thailand, has launched an energy-saving program for their entire organization. Frico air curtains are part of the concept and will protect air-conditioned premises and cold rooms.

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Infrared Panel Heaters

Comfort for Free!

In a room heated by infrared panel heaters, you can obtain a perceived temperature of 22 °C, but only pay for a temperature of 20 °C. With panel heaters the comfort comes free! It is the most effective way to heat because it is people and surfaces that need to be heated, not the air.

Air Curtains

AMCA Proves That Air Curtains Provide the Best Possible Protection in Entrances

Three times more effective against the infiltration of outside air, and far more energy efficient than vestibules. This was the result when air curtains were tested by the world's leading authority on air movement and system equipment for air.

Electric or Gas?

10 Reasons to Choose an Electric Patio Heater for Your Terrace

In the summertime we spend more and more time outdoors. But the evenings get chilly and many people use some form of heater to keep a comfortable temperature, even after dark.

Air Curtains

A Lot to Save with Air Curtains in Cold Rooms

Many things in our modern society are dependent on cold storage. Food and medicine are some examples. Thick insulated walls and doors are needed to keep the cold in place. But to transport goods in and out, doors need to be opened and closed.

Air Curtains

Frico Leads the Way in Making Air Curtain Comparisons Easier and More Accurate

Which is the most quiet air curtain? How big an entrance will the air curtain cover? For customers to make accurate comparisons, all manufacturers need to measure in the same way.

Infrared Panel Heaters

A Warm Room with a View

Open plan, high ceilings and large windows with a view. These are properties that many look for both in general premises and in their own living rooms. Words such as modern, spacious and open are in fashion among today's architects.

Infrared Panel Heaters

Frico Is Helping to Create the Office of the Future

The Futurum project aims to create smart solutions for the working environments and practices of tomorrow. With temperature playing a vital role in one of the solutions, it was only natural that Frico became involved in the project!

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Air Curtains

Frico Air Curtains Are Highly Efficient Even When Running at a Lower Operating Cost

A CFD-analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) conducted by Mechartés has concluded that installing an air curtain from Frico would significantly reduce the exchange of air-conditioned air from the inside and hot air from the outside. The results show great energy and economic savings as well as an improved indoor climate.

Industrial Air Curtains

Do You Need an Air Curtain for Large Industrial Doorways That Provides 100 % Protection against Cold Draughts?

If you’re one of those interested in an air curtain with a size of approximately 6 metres height and 12 metres width - hear us out! Air curtain UF600 creates a very effective air barrier for large industrial doorways.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains Are Now Included as an Energy-Saving Alternative in American Building Code

Extensive investigation published by AMCA gave results. Now air curtains are an approved alternative to building vestibules in American building code IECC 2015.

Air Curtains

Frico Initiator of a New Air Curtain Group at Eurovent

Eurovent is the European Committee for manufacturers of HVAC and representatives of major European national associations in the industry of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling.

Air Curtains

Frico Receives Grant for Researching a New Measurement Standard for Air Curtains

An application from Frico has been granted support from Vinnova (Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems) for a research project aiming for a proposal on a new measurement standard for air curtains.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains in Big Doors – Big Energy Savings

The larger the door and the more frequently it is opened, the greater the energy loss through the door. Therefore, industrial doors and other large openings are particularly vulnerable.

Infrared Patio Heaters

Warm Summer Evenings at the Lowest Possible Price

When the sun's heat is not enough, we must help nature along with patio heaters to enjoy the outside on summer evenings. It is important to make smart choices so you get maximum heat for your money and save the environment.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains - the Smart Way to Stay Cool!

Air conditioning consumes more energy than heating and demand for cooling, and particularly air conditioning, is growing exponentially.

The Secrets to a Comfortable Indoor Climate

It is easy to rely on the thermometer when it feels to cold at home, in the cabin or at the office. But even when the air temperature shows a steady 22 degrees, it can feel cold.

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Fan Heaters

Still Standing after Many Hard Rounds

Sometimes you need a real tough one who dares to take a nasty blow. Even when it comes to heating, toughness is sometimes needed. Frico offers a wide range of fan heaters built for harsh and challenging environments. Pick your fighter!

Guide - Air Curtains

What You Need to Know before Buying an Air Curtain

Air curtains create an air barrier between hot and cold, both to prevent cold outdoor air from entering, while the heated air is kept inside, and to protect air conditioned premises and refrigerated rooms. A correctly installed air curtain reduces draughts, creates a comfortable indoor environment and reduces energy losses at doors and doorways.

Fan Heaters

1000 fan heaters produced at record speed - sent to Turkey with Better Shelter

Frico AB has redirected production in order to deliver 1,000 fan heaters to emergency shelters after the earthquake in Turkey in collaboration with Better Shelter.