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The Frico story

Frico has a long tradition of creating technically highly developed, quality products for a comfortable indoor climate.

The beginning

Friberg & Co was founded 1932 by engineers Mr. Eggertz and Mr. Friberg. In 1936 the brand Frico was registered. Everything was tailor-made according to customer demands. The first big order came from the public railway that needed heaters for their train wagons. Many different products with the common feature heating have passed the drawing-table of Frico since then.

Quality and sustainable design

Quality has always been a well known characteristic of Frico products, as well as high technical functionality. Beginning in 1956 research was emphasized and the final testing of all products was introduced to ensure that our high quality requirements are met.

Frico’s oldest product still offered in the range is the ribbed pipe radiator that was introduced in the late 1930s. This product has even found a new market in modern houses and is popular among architects.

Our aim is for all our products to become classics. They should have high quality, the best performance and a design that lasts.

Widening the scope

From 1960 onwards Frico was widening the scope geographically, first to the Nordic countries, then Europe and some 25 years later Frico was present worldwide. The introduction of Frico products in warm climates also meant a demand for air curtains without heat which were introduced in the 1980’s. Today they are of common use worldwide in for example cold storage openings.

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Frico’s future

The demand for energy-saving products is increasing worldwide, along with increased environmental awareness and willingness to conserve the Earth's resources. Our experience of Sweden's changing climate means that we have traditionally always focused on energy efficiency in the development of our products.

As the market leader we are at the forefront of the development of air curtains and heating products. We offer products for the worldwide market, regardless of climate, and we have products for both electrical and water heating.

With more than 90 years of combined expertise and Europe’s most advanced testing facility at our disposal, we will continue to supply climate smart solutions.