Make Your Electric Heating System More Efficient

Fan Convector PF Smart

Lower your energy consumption without large investment costs with Frico's fan convector PF Smart. We have carried out tests in a real environment, where PF Smart was compared to a conventional radiator. The result showed that the Frico fan convector heated the room to the desired temperature 30-40% faster.

Make the Switch from an Electric Radiator to a Fan Convector

At the moment, many homeowners are worried about the electricity prices and heating costs. If you want to reduce your energy consumption without having to invest in other heating solutions such as a water-based heating system, Frico's fan convector PF Smart is a very good choice for fast and cost-effective heating.

The heat from a fan convector reaches everywhere and the air flow also equalizes the temperature difference between floor and ceiling, which gives higher efficiency and lower energy consumption compared to radiators without a fan.

Heat up Your House Faster with Frico Fan Convector PF Smart

The tests were carried out in a real environment, in a common room at a family home in central Sweden. Frico's PF Smart was compared to a conventional radiator with the same output.

The test was carried out in a house of which one part consists of a window front and a double glass door. The temperature was measured at several points at heights of 0.2 m, 1.2 m, 1.8 m and 3 m. Before the test began, the temperature was 10 °C evenly distributed in the unheated room.

1. Conventional radiator 2. Frico fan convector PF Smart

It then took 3.5 h for PF Smart to heat the room to the desired temperature of 20 °C. The conventional radiator needed an additional 1.5 hours. The test concludes that Frico's fan convector subsequently heats the room 30-40% faster.

Small, light and easy to place!

Homeowner, central Sweden

Save Energy with PF Smart

The opportunity to save energy by lowering the temperature during certain periods of the day can be better utilized because PF Smart can start later and still raise the temperature to a desired comfort level.

Because of the good dispersion, the placement of the radiators is not so important. It is not necessary to place a radiator under each window and therefore the number of fan convectors can be fewer than if the room is heated with radiators.

If you have a fireplace, PF Smart is a perfect complement as it helps spread the warm air in the room. PF Smart is also smaller and lighter than corresponding conventional radiators with the same power.

Benefits of Frico Fan Convector

  • Heats the room 30-40% faster

  • Lower the heat automatically during certain times with the weekly program

  • Easy to install

  • Even heat distribution throughout the room

  • 10% lower energy consumption

  • Elegant design

  • High quality