PFS, Fan Convectors

PFS Fan Convectors

Fan convector with smart functions for fast and efficient heating

  • Unique Heat Distribution

  • Rapid Comfort

  • Smart Control

  • Excellent Drying Capacity

Designed for Comfort

PF Smart provides quick soft heat at a low sound level. The attractive design with a white aluminium front blends in everywhere. The front can also be easily removed and painted any colour if you wish.

Easy Smart Control

The PF Smart has an intuitive control panel for setting its many smart functions. It can also be remotely controlled via an app or web browser so that the premises is warm by the time you arrive.

Safe Heating

A maximum surface temperature of 60 °C can be selected, which makes it particularly suitable for use in preschools, youth recreation centres and bathroom facilities.

Energy Efficient

The air flow from the convector balances the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling. The convector's thermostat rapidly senses temperature change. This results in considerably reduced energy consumption.

With its smart functions and streamlined design, the PF Smart fan convector is the perfect choice for fast and efficient heating. The PF Smart is suitable for most environments including offices and homes. It is ideal for installation in premises that are used rarely, such as weekend cottages and assembly halls where rapid heating is desirable.

  • PFSE is equipped with a 1,2 metre long cord with plug for connection to an earthed power socket (230V~). Can be used as a portable unit – the floor stand is available as an accessory.

  • PFSD is intended for fixed installation (400V2~).

Offers functions for remote control, energy savings and comfort. PFS has a digital display on which all settings can be made. It can also be remotely controlled via an app (iOS, Android) or web browser. This way the heat can be started already in the car on the way to the country cottage or the temperature lowered at home.