Prolong the Summer for the Price of a Popsicle

Infrared Patio Heaters

Even though electricity prices have experienced an increase in recent years, the cost to run infrared patio heaters remains relatively affordable. In the example below you can see how much it costs to run two patio heaters for 2 hours.

Infrared patio heaters have become a popular addition to outdoor spaces, offering a convenient and efficient way to extend the summer season. Frico has its roots in the frozen north, so we have always been keen to provide comfort, even outdoors. That’s why we have been developing patio heaters for more than 50 years.

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Extend the Summer Season Without Breaking the Bank

Although electricity prices have seen an upward trend, the cost to run electrical patio heaters remains reasonable. If you run two patio heaters for 2 hours, it roughly costs €1. In other words, you can extend a summer evening for the price of a popsicle!

Advantages of Infrared Patio Heaters

One of the remarkable advantages of infrared patio heaters is their ability to directly heat objects and people without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air. Whether it's a chilly evening, a crisp autumn day, or an early spring morning, an infrared patio heater can provide a cozy retreat that keeps you and your guests comfortably warm.


Infrared patio heaters: 2 x 1000 W
Time: 2 hours
Energy consumption: 4 kWh
Energy price: €0,3/kWh
Cost: €1