What Is an Air Curtain?

The invisible door that separates climate zones and saves energy

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Mountain ranges tend to obstruct rain clouds, resulting in one side of the mountain being cold and damp, and the other side being hot and dry. Like mountains, air curtains also separate different climate zones. The air stream creates an invisible door that prevents the air from different areas to blend, an energy efficient solution regardless of whether you want to maintain a heated or cooled indoor climate.

The Invisible Door

An open door is inviting and easy to pass through, but it also means a poor working environment and energy loss. An air curtain creates a comfortable environment and minimizes energy loss. Frico air curtains effectively separate indoors from outdoors, hot from cold.

Air flows out of an unprotected opening.

With a correctly set air curtain there is a sharp separation between the different temperature zones.

Why Is There a Draught from an Opening?

The amount of air that flows out through an open door depends on differences in pressure between the indoor and outdoor air. This pressure differential is dependent on three factors:

  • Different temperatures indoors and outdoors

  • Different pressures indoors and outdoors

  • Incoming wind speed at the door opening

Simply put; if the conditions on one side of the door differ in any way from those on the other side, there will be a draught from the door opening. Air flows out through an open door to equalize the differences in pressure and temperature. In heated premises this means that hot air flows out and cold air flows in. Wind blowing towards the door also affects the airflow.

Optimized Air Curtains

Separating climate zones is relatively easy if it is only the temperatures that differ. Handling an opening that is exposed to wind, pressure differentials and unbalanced ventilation is more difficult. Frico air curtains reduce the problems by creating an air barrier with the perfect balance between air volume and air velocity and a high uniformity of the air beam.

Save Energy

Losses of heated or cooled air through door openings are significantly reduced with correctly installed air curtains. Frico air curtains provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Save Money

When you save energy, you save money. In addition to lower energy consumption, the building cost can be reduced. Compared to a vestibule, an air curtain is not only more efficient but it also has a much lower installation cost and takes significantly less space at the building's entrance.

Create Comfort

Frico air curtains give a comfortable indoor climate for staff and visitors, free from drafts, pollution and insects. Our air curtains are designed for optimal air flow reducing turbulence and sound level.

Door Heaters vs Air Curtains

There are important differences between door heaters, suitable for small doorways, serving hatches, kiosks, etc. and full performance air curtains, primarily designed to provide an air barrier from the top to the bottom of the door.

Door heaters heat incoming air and produce a low air flow with high output. The heater may be less expensive than an air curtain and provide a similar heat output figure, but will only cover part of the opening, allowing cool air to enter and warm air to escape. In contrast, air curtains minimise leakage of heated or conditioned internal air by means of high airflow at high speeds, creating an “invisible door”. With high output and complete cover of the opening, the true air curtain is more effective, therefore more energy efficient.

Depending on the application, door heaters may be a sufficient source of heat and comfort, but air curtains are a preferred option for energy efficiency and full height doors.

How Much Does an Air Curtain Cost?

Air curtain prices vary based on features, application, and specific requirements. Contact a Frico sales representative to receive pricing information for a model and control system tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Keeping Our Promises

Frico has access to one of Europe's most modern and advanced air and sound laboratories. It helps us to ensure that our products deliver what we promise. We regularly carry out tests and measurements during the development of new products, but also to improve existing products. The measurements are carried out according to the AMCA and ISO standards.

In our test facility we carry out tests within the following areas:

  • Airflow

  • Sound

  • Winding temperature

  • Air velocity

  • Heating capacity

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