Air curtain welcomes passengers on board

Stena Line is an international transport and travel service company and one of the world’s largest ferry operators.


Stena Jutlantica sails between Sweden and Denmark three times a day and it spends only 45 minutes at the quay before it leaves again.

A long unheated passage way leads up to the foot passenger entrance. Earlier cold air was leaking in through the opening which created a draughty entrance hall.
– We could not close the doors as passengers get on and off the boat constantly. Besides, we want it to look open, says Ingemar Sörensson, Stena Line Scandinavia AB.

The solution was to install an air curtain to prevent the intrusion of cold or hot air and create comfort inside the opening. To handle the vibrations at sea, the air curtain was reinforced at the Frico factory. It was a relatively small alteration of a standard unit and the air curtain was compact enough to fit under the door when it is uplifted to let passengers pass.

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