Elektra V Heats Crane Cabins at 100 Cargo Ships

Eira Cargo Ship, Sweden

Hard wearing Elektra fan heaters give comfortable heat in crane cabins, in spite of the demanding environment on board a vibrating ship. In order to give room inside the cabins, Elektra V was specially adapted and the same solution has been installed in a hundred similar ships.

Eira is a cargo ship with three cranes which are used when loading and offloading goods. Inside these cranes the working hours can be extensive and it is important that the staff keep warm whilst they’re working. To find the perfect solution for this demanding environment, Frico has specially adapted their Elektra V fan heater. Over 100 similar ships have been manufactured, all with an Elektra inside the crane cabins.

Elektra Fan Heaters for Demanding Environments

Elektra is a range of fan heaters designed for use in demanding environments. The different models can be used anywhere from corrosive environments and combustible areas to rooms with high temperatures as well as onboard ships and offshore platforms. Elektra is mainly designed for stationary use, yet can also be used as a portable fan heater.

Elektra V, Heavy-duty fan heater for ships and offshore industry
Elektra V
Heavy-duty fan heater for ships and offshore industry