Combination of Frico products a success for the indoor climate

At the electrical wholesaler Storel in Gothenburg/Västra Frölunda is a store where customers find the everyday goods on the shelf.


The premises consists of a store section, integrated with a warehouse building with a large ceiling height.

In order for the heating to work for both the store staff as well as visitors, Storel has chosen to combine radiant heaters with fan heaters and ceiling fans. Comfort Panel SZ, radiant heater for water based heat, has been installed to provide the staff at the cash register an agreeable pleasant temperature.

“In our store we have had a very balanced and comfortable indoor climate ever since we installed Frico's Comfort Panel. The combination of Comfort Panel, water based fan heater and ceiling fans controlled by Frico's controller CAR 15 has been a real success” says Daniel Ranfors, Inhouse sales manager at Storel Frölunda.

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