Built in and low noise level – an almost invisible solution

Clothes stores are the primary marketing channel for Lindex.


They should create a feeling of fashion and femininity, they should be inspirational and it should be easy to find your way around.

A total solution visually and functionally creates a positive customer experience and the entrance gives the first important impression.

– The area inside the entrance is the inspiration area. The feeling created here remains during the whole visit, says Ove Axelsson, responsible for construction at Lindex.

Lindex often builds entrances entirely of glass to allow full view from outside and awaken the interest of passers-by. Preferably the door should be wide open, even in winter. All this to create a welcoming and attractive setting to induce customers to enter the store rather than passing by.

To make optimal use of the area inside the entrance, the environment needs to be balanced and without any disturbing elements.
– The air curtain must not disturb audibly or visually, it should only be noticed from the effect, says Ove Axelsson.

Lindex and Frico co-operate on special solutions to adapt the air curtains perfectly to the interior.
– Of course we would rather not have the air curtain, but that is impossible. We work with angles, colouring etc. to make it harmonize, says Lennart Abrahamsson, architect at Lindex.

Lindex is one of the leading fashion chains in northern Europe with around 330 stores. Frico air curtains are today installed in about one hundred of them.

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