Frico helps to maintain the temperature at, Sweden's largest online food store is Sweden's largest online food store. In Gothenburg alone, 130 people work. Everyday, 45 vehicles are out delivering food and this requires real reliability in the warehouses and chilled rooms, which is where Frico helps out.

The production area outside Gothenburg covers 1400 sqm in total and is three years old. Because it is mainly foodstuffs, not least fresh fruit and vegetables, high demands are placed on maintaining the correct temperature and humidity. It is important to maintain cooling in the large areas, and ADA and ADA Cool air curtains have been installed to maintain the cooling in the chilled and freezer rooms and to make it possible to have open cold areas. The air curtains create an invisible barrier that prevents hot air and also insects, dust and unwelcome odours penetrating.

Nine ICF industrial cieling fans are installed in the large hall, where preserves and dried goods etc. are stored. ICF is primarily used to equalize the temperature in rooms with high ceilings. All to create a comfortable indoor climate without any drafts. This installation, together with Frico's Panther
6-15 kW fan heaters which are located along the walls, create an even and comfortable temperature that is perfect both for dried goods and the staff. has over 1.8 million unique visitors every month, they offer over 10,000 products and deliver seven days a week. 

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