Lindholmen Street Food and Design market receives help from Frico with their indoor climate

Frico’s fan heater SWH in combination with ceiling fan ICF helps to heat and circulate the air in the large shipyard, which has been transformed into a modern food market.

Every Saturday, one of the old shipyards at Lindholmen (Gothenburg) comes to life, full of people hungry for good food and culture. Lindholmen Street Food and Design Market is organized by the Lindholmen Cooperative and welcomes new local kitchens, breweries and unique designers every week. Spend the day at the market with family and friends and experience different cultures in a cool building with a high ceiling and great atmosphere.

A problem with high ceilings is that heat rises, making it difficult to maintain an even room temperature, which can result in high heating costs. By combining Frico’s fan heater SWH and ceiling fan ICF, this problem can be resolved. Fan heaters are a cost-effective alternative to heating a room and the ceiling fans force down the warm air from the ceiling, equalizing the room temperature and reducing the heat losses. By using ICF ceiling fans, heating costs may be reduced by up to 30%.

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