Ceiling Fans from Frico Reduce Energy Consumption at Dome of Visions

Dome of Visions, Sweden

Dome of Visions is a unique and innovative building in Gothenburg, where meetings focusing on sustainability are organized. In order to improve the indoor climate and reduce energy consumption, ceiling fans from Frico have been installed.

Buckminster Fuller's Vision Inspired Dome of Visions

The inspiration for Dome of Visions comes from the architect Buckminster Fuller, who in the 1960s had plans to cover the central parts of Manhattan, New York, with a giant geodetic dome. Even though Dome of Visions is not quite as large as the dome Fuller had imagined, it is still an impressive construction with its 145 plates of 6-millimeter polycarbonate plastic and 65 tons of solid wood. Most of the materials are biodegradable or recyclable.

Efficient Ceiling Fans at Dome of Visions

Dome of Visions is not only built with sustainability in mind, it is also a meeting place for sustainable conversations. In order to create a comfortable indoor climate, they have installed four ICF ceiling fans from Frico, equalizing the temperature in the high-ceilinged dome. By pushing down the warm air from the ceiling, the energy consumption, and thus the heating costs, can be reduced by up to 30%. Good for both the wallet and the environment!

ICF, Equalizes the temperature in buildings with high ceilings
Equalizes the temperature in buildings with high ceilings