Frico air curtains keep the fish (and visitors) cool

The Mare Nostrum Aquarium, a building of 5000 m², opened in December 2007 and has received 480000 visitors during its first year.

When constructing the entrance hall, four Frico air curtains was installed to avoid draught and loss of conditioned air. Thermozone AD/AC Corinte air curtain combines design, efficiency and technology.

Thermozone AC Corinte air curtains are installed on each side of the building’s two openings. The mirror polished stainless steel finish provides a perfect integration without harming the original architecture. The symmetrical design and stylish finish of this model is also contributing to the concept of modernity. The wiring and water connections are invisible as they are made at the bottom of the unit. Even from the outside, the installation remains discreet and perfectly integrated.

The air curtains have been specially determined to ensure an efficient barrier against incoming air. Thanks to the installed air curtains, 70 to 80 % of the energy losses, due to the frequently opened doors, has been eliminated. With an height of 2200 mm, these Corinte air curtains covers the total height of the door opening thus ensuring an excellent thermal protection. The units are water heated by water coils 80/60 °C providing a high level comfort to customers and personnel with an airflow temperature of around 35 °C.

To ensure an uniform and efficient airflow throughout the unit’s full height, the air curtain AC Corinte of 2200 mm is equipped with six centrifugal fans ensuring a maximum airflow of 3800 m³/h. The adjustable exhaust grille makes it possible to cross the airflow from each side of the door to avoid turbulence. Developed specifically to avoid costly maintenance of a dust filter, the inlet grille reduces dirt getting into the battery. The grille only needs to get cleaned periodically without opening the air curtain.

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