Frico provides heat in the cold kingdom of the polar bear

Frico has supplied a range of air curtains and fan heaters to ensure comfort despitethe cold climate where the permafrost runs 10 to 40 meters into the ground onLongyearbyen on Svalbard.

LSN Spitsbergen AS is a construction contractor with vast experience in Polar Region projects. Their work facilities in Longyearbyen are equipped with Frico water-heated fan heaters Model SWH12, in conjunction with SIRe Advanced regulation. The equipment has been installed by Kverneland Electrical Group and is connected to a monitoring system which has been installed by this electrical installation and Automation Company throughout a large number of buildings in Norway. The system optimizes comfort and energy saving whether it is hot or cold whilst maintaining the supply of fresh air.

Longyearbyen not only demands major challenges in terms of providing comfortable temperatures in working environments. The 2000 residents are obliged to carry weapons when they are not in the city centre as there are approximately 3000 polar bears which are also resident on the island. The most common use of transport are snowmobiles for both locals and tourists which explains why there are more snowmobiles on the island than residents.

Photo: Eva Grøndal

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