Frico a leader with unique fan geometry for cold rooms

Many things in modern society are dependent on being refrigerated, food and medicine are some examples. Insulated walls are used to maintain cool temperatures, but door access is required when transporting product in and out of cold rooms.

Every time a door is opened, cold air leaks out of the room while warm humid air enters from the outside. This results in energy loss, condensation and icing up on floors and equipment. With an air curtain correctly installed in the doorway it is possible to prevent infiltration of hot air from the outside, says Görgen Hjärthammar, Technical Sales at Frico.

Now even better
Frico's new series PAEC combines EC motor technology with Frico's unique fan geometry enabling step less fan speed control. This allows fan speed optimization dependent on demand, which results in large energy saving and low operating cost.

The PAEC is a good energy efficient choice providing up to 85% lower energy consumption compared to an unprotected opening.  The step-less airflow control allows precise adjustment, making PAEC a perfect choice for refrigeration and freezer room applications.

We are good at combining airflow geometry with laminar airflow and EC motor technology which results in lower power consumption. This allows the customer to save energy and at the same time make a climate-friendly choice by choosing our air curtain range, says Görgen Hjärthammar.

Satisfied customers
Cederleüfs & Svenheimers bakery in Sävedalen is a producer of cakes and pastries. They have a staff compliment of 15 working in production where large freezers are used to store their products. This results in high traffic with employees in and out of cold rooms. After air curtains were installed in the doorways, staff noticed a marked difference in cold room temperatures.

Since we installed the latest Frico air curtains, we can now see how temperatures have been maintained by monitoring thermometer readings”, says Lennart Svenheimer, owner Cederleüfs & Svenheimers.

Also a big thank you to Frico's air curtains which now makes it possible to run in and out of the cold rooms as doors can be left open for longer periods.

Improved visibility and security
With an air curtain in the doorway, you can now see into the cold room when the door is open with no obstruction. As hot air infiltration is reduced, there is less ice build up inside the cold room. Less ice means increased safety, since the risk of slipping is significantly reduced. This also ensures  improved vision in the cold room. Defrost cycles are radically reduced which not only results in energy saving but a significant reduction in running costs. Defrosting large refrigeration rooms can be very costly as goods need to be relocated during the defrost period.

Easier passage
The passing of vehicles and goods is made easier by installing an air curtain in the opening instead of, for example, PVC strip curtains. This saves time with simpler logistics. Furthermore, an air curtain is not exposed to friction when somebody passes through its airflow. Consistent airflow is maintained no matter on the amount of traffic passing daily.

Increased service life
An air curtain not only ensures that cold rooms maintain temperature,but also improves  product life. Cooling equipment, lighting etc will also experience increased service life due to the fact that less ice formation occurs. Large energy savings, improved safety and consistent  temperature control will at the same time result in saving money in the long run.

We are a market leader when it comes to producing efficient air curtains for cold storage in Europe, says Görgen Hjärthammar. Anyone who is interested in saving energy, a better climate and achieving improved temperature control in cold rooms, should contact Frico.

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