Moisture, foam & water and a store next door - Frico passes this challenge with flying colors

Nearby the pedestrian zone in Kristiansand, Norway, lies Parko Esso, an around the clock open garage which incorporates a car repair, car wash and store.


Frico has contributed in the smooth daily operation of the facility as well as maintaining a comfortable indoor climate by the use of a combination of fan heaters, ceiling fans and radiant heaters.

The highly frequented car wash was provided with a ceiling-mounted, water heated SWTC manufactured in stainless steel. The Elektra C fan heater is installed in the automatic car wash which is designed for corrosive and damp environments. The outer casing is manufactured from acid-proof sheet while the product is classified for IP65.

In the car repair premises Frico's quietest fan heater SWH creates a comfortable working environment for the mechanics. The fan heater is automatically controlled by SIRe control, reducing the noise level even further.

Photo: Eva Kylland


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