Champ Stationary Fan heaters with Water Heating

Intelligent and energy efficient fan heater, for water connection

  • Equipped with EC fans for stepless fan control

  • Smart Control – direct, via app or BMS

  • Low sound level

  • Easy installation with cable and plug

  • For water connection

Cutting Cost, Boosting Efficiency

Champ fan heater offers features such as return water temperature control and a modular actuator, effectively minimizing energy losses and ensuring economical operation.

Intelligent and Quiet

Together with the advanced control system FC, Champ provides fully automatic room heating adaptable to each unique area of use. In this way, optimized energy savings and comfort are enabled with minimal effort. Very low sound level and optimal settings are made possible by the EC motor's stepless control of the air flow.

Easy Installation and Comfort

Champ fan heater offers easy installation and comes with cable and plug. It is compatible with various accessories and can be rotated to locate pipes on either the left or the right side. This ensures effortless placement and facilitates a straightforward and flexible installation.

Utilizing Residual Heat

Champ can efficiently use residual heat, reducing energy losses and maximizing energy utilization. By utilized residual heat, the need for fossil fuels is minimized, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

Champ is a quiet fan heater with numerous energy-saving features, for water connection. Champ is ideal for applications where fan heaters are commonly used, such as industrial and commercial buildings, as well as environments with strict noise requirements.

The fan heaters can be permanently mounted on a wall for horizontal air distribution, or on the ceiling for vertical air distribution. Mounting brackets are extra. If the filter section SWF is used, there is no need for brackets.

The Champ fan heater is intended for permanent installation. Champ is fitted with a 1.8 m cable with plug for connection to earthed outlet sockets. By turning the fan heater, pipe connections are possible on both sides.

Wide range of controls and accessories.

Water heated units must be supplemented with valves. The valve system controls the water flow and activates maximum heat only when needed.

This fan heater comes with an integrated PC-board and must be supplemented with the intelligent control system FC of your choice. FC enables many smart and automated functions, including return water temperature control, which minimizes energy losses and provides low operating costs. There are four different packages to choose from, depending on your requirements – Direct, Smart, Pro or Building (BMS).