Frico's Thermozone Technology Optimizes the Air Curtain


Frico air curtains create an invisible barrier at openings and doors which separates different temperature zones without limiting access for people and vehicles. With Thermozone Technology an efficient air separation is created in combination with a low sound level, giving comfortable climate and large energy savings. Frico air curtains are appreciated worldwide for their quality and operating efficiency, and are currently used in over 70 countries.

Great Energy Savings

In many premises doors remain open for a significant part of the day, this results in huge losses of expensively heated or cooled air, especially when the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor air is great. With correctly installed air curtains great energy savings can be obtained.

Comfortable Indoor Climate

Air curtains with Thermozone technology have optimized performance to provide a comfortable indoor climate free from draughts. The air curtain also keeps out emissions and insects.

Low Sound Level

With Thermozone technology Frico manufactures air curtains with very high airflow performance. This does not just make the air curtain more efficient, but also has other advantages such as extremely low sound levels and reduced turbulence.

Frico knows air curtains. The company was founded in 1932 and we developed our first air curtains 50 year ago. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience and we are always available to help you choose the right product.

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Thermozone Technology

Frico air curtains create an invisible barrier at openings and doors which separates different temperature zones without limiting access for people and vehicles. Thermozone technology creates a highly uniform air barrier with a perfect balance between air volume and air velocity, regardless of whether it is the heat or the cold that you want to keep inside. The adjustable outlet grille makes it possible to direct the air for an optimal air curtain effect.

Thanks to Thermozone technology, performance can be precisely adjusted to obtain an air curtain with efficient separation that is also comfortable to pass through. Thermozone air curtains are optimized in:

  • Airflow geometry

  • Performance

  • Sound level

Efficient Air Barrier

Thermozone technology creates the most efficient air barrier

Even Airflow

Frico's outlet grilles generate an even airflow that creates an efficient air barrier.

Low Sound Level

By reducing the turbulence inside the air curtain, the sound level is reduced.

Create Maximum Protection at Floor Level

Too low air velocity at floor level gives a curtain that cannot withstand stresses. Too high velocity gives turbulence that reduces the protective capacity of the air barrier and also has loud sound levels.

An air beam with correct velocity and high uniformity gives the best protection. Thermozone technology gives the most effective air barrier by ensuring that the air stream reaches the floor and at optimal velocity and uniformity. Thermozone technology solves the problem with the minimum amount of air.

Air velocity is too low

Air velocity is too high

Correct air velocity

Low Sound Level and High Performance

Air curtains with Thermozone technology are developed and manufactured in Frico's facility in Skinnskatteberg in Sweden. They are tested at one of the most modern and advanced air and sound laboratories in Europe which means that we can guarantee the data stated in our product information.

Thanks to the sophisticated equipment and our long experience we can build air curtains with extremely low noise levels and very high air flow performance.

Air Curtains That Blend into Any Environment

Frico collaborates with leading architects and product designers in the product development. The air curtains blend in well with the environment and they are designed to fit into both exclusive shop interiors and industrial environments. With recessed installation the air curtains become nearly invisible, only the outlet grille is visible.

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