Frico Makes the Entrance to Tesla’s Showroom Welcoming

Tesla Showroom, Sweden

In windy Gothenburg, the PA3500 is creating a friendly atmosphere at the entrance to Tesla's new showroom.

Combining Luxury and Fast Cars Powered by Electricity

Tesla Motors opened a showroom and store last year to exhibit its cars in central Gothenburg in Sweden. Tesla, the company behind the world's first mass-produced electric sports car, is entirely focused on combining luxury, fast cars powered by environment-friendly electricity. Despite its high price tag, Tesla's Model S was the bestselling electric car in 2015 and 2016.

Frico Air Curtain Make the Indoor Climate at the Entrance Welcoming

In 2016, the doors opened on Tesla’s new showroom in the heart of Gothenburg. And to make the indoor climate at the entrance welcoming, Tesla chose to install Frico’s PA3500 air curtain.