The Cold Draft Disappeared with Frico's Air Curtains

Hageby Centrum, Sweden

“The difference could be felt immediately” says Peter Carlsson, operations technician at the Hageby.

Världens Centrum shopping centre in Norrköping, Sweden, owned by Steen & Strøm. In April 2010, Hageby Centrum was relaunched after comprehensive refurbishment and extension. Revolving doors were installed in two entrances with the intention of stopping the cross draughts through the entrances, which worked well. On the other hand the integrated air curtain capacity could not cope with the high overall height. This meant that cold draughts were created and additional heating was required to create a comfortable indoor climate.

Peter Carlsson was inspired by a solution using Frico’s air curtains that he had seen at Arlanda airport, and found information about SF air curtains for revolving doors at the Frico website.

“In collaboration with a contractor (Bravida), and using a reference object in the Stockholm area, we could present a working solution that Steen & Strøm found attractive”, says Jan-Olov Mattsson, a salesman at Frico.

The new air curtains were installed in March 2011, and the impact was immediate; the draught was gone and neither the integrated heaters in the revolving doors nor the additional heaters are required any longer.

It is clear that we are making heating savings. At present we are not even supplying any additional heating with the air curtain, but it may be needed in the middle of winter.

Peter Carlsson
Operations technician, Hageby

Discreet Installation That Works with the Entrance Design

One reason for selecting Frico’s SF air curtain was that it works so well with the entrance design. The air curtain itself is curved to follow the shape of the door and the stainless steel blends in well with the revolving door.

The shopping centre manager was concerned that it would affect the appearance of the entrance, but it looks great. No one can see that we have added air curtains, they follow the “spin” so well”, says Peter Carlsson, who is so pleased with the installation that he has already recommended it to his colleagues in other shopping centres around the country.

SF is discontinued and replaced by…

Scand, Curved and energy-efficient air curtain for revolving doors
Curved and energy-efficient air curtain for revolving doors