Frico Air Curtains Keeping out the Cold at Elgiganten

Elgiganten, Denmark

Elgiganten is a large Nordic retail chain specializing in home electronics and appliances. Air curtains are a very good solution in stores where doors are frequently opened and closed ensuring both comfort with low energy costs. Elgiganten is aware of this and is using air curtains in their stores throughout Denmark.

Improved comfort and energy efficiency for Elgiganten Stores

Elgiganten has integrated Frico air curtains into their stores in Denmark. These air curtains effectively maintain a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy costs, especially in areas near frequently opened and closed doors.

Employee well-being a priority

Elgiganten recognizes the importance of ensuring the well-being of their employees. By deploying air curtains, they address complaints related to cold drafts at entrances and doorways, which can impact employee health and productivity.

Tailored solutions and substantial energy savings

Frico's air curtains are tailored to suit the specific needs of each Elgiganten store. By separating temperature zones and preventing the ingress of cold air, these air curtains help retain heated air inside the store.

With the help of Frico air curtains, Elgiganten ensures their employees remain healthy while lowering total energy costs.

Air Curtains Provide a Comfortable Working Environment

"We use air curtains to ensure a comfortable working environment for our employees. Especially at cash registers and other areas, which are located near entrances throughout our 37 department stores, it is most important being aware of the working environment. Having unwell employees or those who are on sick leave is not in anyone's interest. For this reason we are taking action regarding any complaints received with respect to cold drafts at our entrances and doorways. At the same time, we do not want to overload the ventilation system when it comes to store heating", says Thomas Bredbjerg Nielsen, Project and Facility Manager for Elgiganten.

Elgiganten Has Been Using Frico Air Curtains for Three Years

During the past three years, Elgiganten has used Frico air curtains, in collaboration with Frico's Danish distributor, Tempus Heat, who not only solve the technical task but also provide proven documentation of actual energy saving.

The collaboration with Tempus Heat works extremely well. Being responsible for 37 department stores, I have difficulty being involved with individual business cases, which Tempus Heat manages for us. So it's a pure win-win situation and at the same time provides for good installations which our heating and plumbing companies are happy to work with and, in terms of price, are also competitive.

Thomas Bredbjerg Nielsen
Project and Facility Manager, Elgiganten

Energy Savings of 50-70 Percent

Frico offers tailored solutions for the various Elgiganten stores, including results of the actual energy saving.

"Our air curtains separate the different temperature zones ensuring that expensive heated air remains in the store while keeping cold air from entering the building. This provides a considerably improved working environment combined with documented energy savings of 50-70 percent", says Ronnie Haugaard Rasmussen, CEO of Tempus Heat, Frico's distributor in Denmark.