Frico Ensures the Comfort of 250,000 Visitors a Year

The Gothenburg Opera, Sweden

The Gothenburg Opera with its striking architecture inspired by dockyard cranes, ship silhouettes and seagull wings, has selected air curtains from Frico to provide comfort in the entrance.

Opera Inspired by the Harbour

The opera house in Gothenburg was completed in 1994 and is located close to Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg harbour. The building was designed by the architect Jan Izikowitz, who took much of his inspiration from the surrounding shipping, dockyards and cranes. Around 500 people work in the building's 1117 rooms on the 270 performances given every year.

Approximately 250,000 visitors pass through the glazed vestibule each year. Within the building they can enjoy operatic, musical and dance productions and experience fine dining in the restaurant, which has an impressive view over Gothenburg harbour.

Frico Air Curtains Warm the Entrance to the Gothenburg Opera

Three PA3500 air curtains have been installed on the inside of the inner entry to provide comfort at the entrance. Through its timeless design and its many accessories, the PA3500 blends well into the premises. The air curtain helps to separate the climate zones so that the correct air temperature is maintained in areas where visitors and employees are present. PA3500 can also assist with the heating when the doors are closed.

PA3500 is discontinued and replaced by

Pamir 3500, Sleek and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises
Pamir 3500
Sleek and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises