Oslo Airport - Frico’s Air Curtains Chosen Again

Gardermoen Airport, Norway

Recently opened extension of Pir Nord at Gardermoen airport. This airport is now the second biggest in Scandinavia after Copenhagen, with a capacity of 32 million passengers each year.

Norwegian Airport Sets Architectural and Environmental Standards

The expansion has cost NOK 14 billion in total, of which NOK 9 billion was for the 117,000 square metre extension of the building itself. This stylish extension was designed by Norwegian firm Nordic – Office of Architecture, specialists in designing airport architecture all over the world.

The Norwegian Stortinget has identified the airport as an iconic example of Norwegian architecture. The airport already had international environmental certification BREEAM with the rating Excellent for its innovative energy-saving solutions for heating and cooling. It is the only airport in the world that has been awarded this level of environmental certification.

Frico Air Curtains Ensure Comfort and Energy Savings at Gardermoen Airport

Ever since the new main airport opened 20 years ago, Frico has been the supplier of choice for its air curtains. This time we have delivered a large number of water heated units PA3500 and AR3500 as well as RDS for revolving doors.

The climate at Gardermoen is challenging for much of the year. With a higher than average wind load, and an outdoor design temperature (ODT) of -22° C, the demands are particularly high for providing effective air curtain solutions that ensure good comfort while saving energy. This is why Frico’s air curtains have been chosen again and again. A safe choice.