Frico Air Curtains in the ÅF Building, a Prominent and Energy-Efficient Building

ÅF Building, Sweden

On the outskirts of Gothenburg city centre is the ÅF building. ÅF is an engineering and consultancy company with approximately 7,000 employees and assignments within the energy, industry and infrastructure sectors with customers around the world.

The base of the building (floors 1-8) is a rectangle that transitions in the upper levels (floors 9-17) to a more slender, asymmetrically positioned shape.

The building is located beside the E6 and can be considered to be one of the gates to Gothenburg, and also a marker for for the motorway junction at Kallebäck. In the hours of darkness the window clad facade changes character and creates a contrast rich area of dark and light sections.

The building is environmentally certified to LEED's highest classification of platinum, and is at the cutting edge of energy efficiency.

At the entrance to the building is Frico's AR3500 air curtain with SIReAA which helps to protect the entrance from the outside environment.

AR3500 is discontinued and replaced by

Arden 3500, Recessed and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises
Arden 3500
Recessed and energy efficient air curtain for commercial premises