78 SWS Heats 32,000 Square Meters Warehouse

Tingstad Papper, Sweden

In January 2014 the new warehouse and office of Tingstad Papper is completed, it covers 32,000 square meters and is heated and protected by 78 pieces of SWS and also AGS5000.

Warehouse With Environmental Label According to GreenBuilding

In early 2014 Tingstad Papper moves into the new warehouse and office adjacent to the E6 motorway in northern Gothenburg. Tingstad Papper offers and manufactures office supplies, clothing, protective equipment, cleaning and chemical products. The new warehouse covers 32,000 square meters and will be environmentally labelled according to GreenBuilding.

We at Frico have been out and visited the ongoing construction since that they have chosen to use our products fan heaters SWS and air curtains AGS5000 to warm and protect the premises.

During the visit we met Andreas Kielén, team leader and Jesper Eriksson, plumber for Högbergs Rör (HVAC). They have been responsible for the installation of the 78 pieces of SWS which are mounted along the walls of the large warehouse. Good pricing and good experience of Frico has contributed to the choice of products and also that Frico fan heaters SWS meets the sound requirements of the premises. The mounting and installation of the products have gone well.

Tingstad Papper will become a grand warehouse and we are looking forward to coming back when the building is finished.

SWS, Basic fan heater for total heating of larger premises
Basic fan heater for total heating of larger premises