Heat on Deck after Sundown

S/S Norrtelje, Sweden

The restaurant S/S Norrtelje is situated on the beautiful, hundred year old boat with the same name. During the open-air season guests can enjoy the deck warmed by Frico’s infrared patio heater ELIR.

“We are very pleased, the infrared patio heaters both provide warmth and give atmospheric lighting. This means that our guests happily stay longer.

Sandra Grann
Restaurant owner, S/S Norrtelje
S/S Norrtelje was built in 1900 at the William Lindbergs Verkstads- och Varfvs AB, Södra Shipyard in Stockholm, and was considered a beauty.

Her gracious lines make her an excellent sea boat. It is a pleasure to see her cleave the waves…

The ship made her last passenger journey fifty years later and in the 1960s she was saved from the scrap yard by some enthusiasts. Today S/S Norrtelje is a restaurant and tourist attraction in the summer town of Norrtälje.