Patio Heaters Create a Comfortable Outdoor Dining Experience at Fiskbar 17

Fiskbar 17, Sweden

Magasinsgatan, located in the heart of Gothenburg, is the perfect spot for shopping, having a coffee or dinner at one of the many restaurants there. In a cozy courtyard you can find Restaurant Fiskbar 17 with a focus on hospitality, really good food and a great atmosphere. The premises have been refurbished after the change of ownership to strive for a place that feels like home.

Frico Infrasmart Patio Heaters Keep Guests Warm

During the summer, guests can enjoy their food sitting outside on the outdoor terrace. In times when neither the sun nor the fish soup is enough to warm the guests, Frico patio heater Infrasmart IHS comes in handy. In the outdoor dining area three heaters are used. The patio heaters are very flexible in terms of mounting and can be attached to either the ceiling, wall or inside of a parasol. Infrasmart IHS has a compact and stylish design to blend in with its surroundings.

Infrasmart, Patio heater with smart functions
Patio heater with smart functions