Frico Panel Heaters Are "The Mother Hen" in a New Concept

Stora Lunds Farm, Sweden

Stora Lunds Farm AB outside Götene in Sweden, has chosen to invest in a completely new concept, to breed "free range" chickens. To keep the chickens warm, during their first period of life, they have chosen to install Frico infrared panel heaters Aquaztrip.

Frico panel heaters keep the chickens warm

For the crucial early stages of the chickens' lives when they require extra warmth, Frico radiant panel heaters Aquaztrip have been installed in the start rooms. These heaters act as surrogate "mother hens," ensuring that the chickens stay warm and cozy.

Transition to a natural environment

As the chickens grow and develop, they are gradually moved to different areas of the facility. They have the opportunity to explore a winter garden and eventually a large outdoor lawn with open fields.

Reliable heating solutions for dusty environments

Frico's fan heater SWX-D, designed to perform in dusty environments, is installed in both the start room and the next part of the facility. This ensures the most reliable and efficient heating for the chickens, supporting their healthy growth and well-being.

New Concept with Free Range Chickens

Stora Lunds Farm AB in Lundsbrunn outside Götene has chosen to invest in a completely new concept, which breeds "free range" chickens. With Free range means that it is something between a conventional and an organic chicken farm. What characterizes a free range chicken is that they unlike conventional chickens have a freer upbringing with the opportunity to use the outdoors. The chickens are kept longer in the stables, and are therefore a bit larger than conventional chickens. Four new farms have begun producing chickens and the first delivery was available in stores in the autumn of 2015.

Infrared Panel Heater Act as A "Mother Hen"

During their first period in life the chickens need a lot of heat, and the stables start rooms have therefore been installed with Frico panel heaters Aquaztrip. The infrared panel heater act as a "mother hen" and beneath the heater the little chickens lay tightly squeezed together to keep warm.

After about three weeks, when the chickens have had time to grow up a bit more, they are moved to the next part of the room. There they have the opportunity to go out to a winter garden, a roofed area where the chickens can walk around. From the winter garden, they can then go out on a large lawn overlooking the open fields.

In both the start room and the next part of the room Frico’s fan heater SWX-D, designed specifically for dusty environments, is installed to ensure that the system is as reliable as possible.