Frico Fan Heater SWH Heats up the 3,000-Square Meter Warehouse of Bagaren Och Kocken

Bagaren och Kocken, Sweden

Teamed up with new partners Bagaren och Kocken (The baker and chef) built new facilities in Sävedalen, Gothenburg, Sweden. Frico’s intelligent SWH fan heater heats the warehouse, which is the core of this web business.

Efficient heating for a growing business

Bagaren och kocken, a leading online store for kitchen utility and appliances in Sweden, expanded its facilities in Sävedalen, Gothenburg. Frico's intelligent SWH fan heater efficiently heats the new 3,000-square meter warehouse.

Green building standards and energy efficiency

The warehouse is built to Green Building standards, ensuring energy efficiency. The heating solution with Frico's fan heater SWH, combined with smart regulation using SIRe Advanced, optimizes energy consumption and maintains a comfortable temperature in the warehouse, all while reducing energy costs.

Sensible Heating Control

The fan heater SWH, equipped with a sensor that measures the return water temperature, ensures that only the necessary amount of heat is used, making it perfect for a warehouse where temperature fluctuations are common due to incoming and outgoing supplies throughout the day. This intelligent heating solution minimizes energy waste and operating costs.

Leading Online Store in Sweden for Utility and Kitchen Appliances

The web company Bagaren och Kocken started their business in 2005 and has since then become the leading online store in Sweden for utility and appliances for the kitchen. Both in 2013 and 2014 they were appointed E-retailers of the year in Sweden and in the kitchen appliance category, by the shopping comparison site Pricerunner.

The Energy Consumption over the Year Will Be 25% Lower Than the Requirements of Boverket

With a new partner and a company that grows, it was time to also expand the premises. Previously they rented 1000 m² premise from LÅE Real Estate. In August of 2015 the web company Bagaren och kocken's new warehouse was ready.

A warehouse of 3000 m² with space for 11,000 products have been built in the third stage of Ugglums Business Park in Sävedalen, Gothenburg. The building is built with a Green Building standard and according to that the energy consumption over the year will be 25% lower than the requirements of Boverket, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, energy chapter in Sweden. That the choice of heating therefore fell upon fans from Frico was no surprise.

Energy Efficient Heating

The fan heater SWH is installed throughout the warehouse. Together with the smart regulation, SIRe Advanced, heating can be truly energy efficient. Through a sensor that measures the return water temperature the SWH will never use more heat than necessary. Perfect in a warehouse where supplies come and go and the temperature change throughout the day.

SWH, Intelligent fan heater with extremely low sound level, for water connection
Intelligent fan heater with extremely low sound level, for water connection
SIRe Advanced for Fan Heaters, Fully automatic control system for fan heaters
SIRe Advanced for Fan Heaters
Fully automatic control system for fan heaters