Significantly reduced energy costs and improved working environment

Warm air is lighter than cold air and therefore rises. Consequently, in premises with high ceilings a cushion of warm air easily forms up under the ceiling. This overheated air results in large and unnecessary energy losses. In Systemair’s plant in Lithuania, the installation of ceiling fans has ensured that energy costs are kept down while creating a comfortable working environment for the employees.

Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 49 countries around the world manufacturing and marketing high-quality ventilation products. The Group's main factory and logistics centre for smaller housing units is located in Ukmerge, Lithuania. The building’s total volume is 15,500 m2, divided into manufacturing, warehouse and offices.

The plant is heated by SWH fan heaters with air curtains installed over all doors to the exterior. To improve the working environment for employees and save energy, 95 ICF ceiling fans were installed. The ceiling fans force warm air downwards into the occupied zone, evening out the temperature difference between the ceiling and floor. Thanks to energy-efficient heating combined with ceiling fans, energy costs are lower and the work environment has improved.                     

We are very pleased with the installation. During the winter half of the year, the ceiling fans raise the temperature close to the floor by 2 - 3 ºC.
Martišius Managing Director, Systemair LT.

Large savings with short payback period

Building footprint: 7,260 m2
Building height: 8 m
Installed ICF: 95 units
Installation cost: SEK 190,000

Output calculation
Yearly average temperature: 6 °C
Energy price: SEK 1/kWh

Without ceiling fans:
Temperature gradient: 2.5 °C/m
Total energy requirement: 1,246 MWh/year
Annual cost: SEK 1,246,000

With ceiling fans:
Temperature gradient: 0.25 °C/m
Total energy requirement:1,029 MWh/year *(including ceiling fans)
Annual cost: SEK1,029,000

Savings: > SEK 200,000/year
Payback period less than 1 year

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