Air curtains pushed down the sick leave at

Solution from Frico A/S increased both temperature and employee satisfaction significantly in Coop's food terminal.

When customers shop for food online at the goods are collected from the shelves at the Coop group's warehouse in Vallensbæk. 120 employees work in the terminal with 8000 item numbers and trucks are continuously driving in and out of the gates from 4.00 am to 6.00 pm.

- Our employees were not happy with their work environment because of the cold and the draught in the terminal, especially near the gates and by our cold rooms. We could see an excessive sickness absence during the cold periods, says Operational Manager Anders Elong from

Coop therefore invested in air curtains from Frico A/S at seven gates (PA3500E) and at two cold room entrances (PAEC3200). The air barrier they create keep away draught and cold even though the gates are open.

- It has made a clear difference. The temperature has risen by five degrees in the terminal and employees no longer feel draughts. And sick leave has decreased, says Anders Elong.

Heat output and energy contribution

The large hall is not equipped with a heating system, but the Operational Manager points out that the air curtains at the gates have the advantage that they can provide heat, even if the gates are closed.

- We use the air curtains for heating. Of course it costs a little, but it is nothing compared to an investment in a heating system for such a large hall, says Anders Elong.

In connection with the project, Frico A/S also helped with energy calculations.

- Energy optimization was not the primary purpose, but it is obviously also an advantage that the air curtains have, says the Operational Manager.

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